Thursday, July 31, 2008

so I'm normal, right?

You all know how much I like my playdates: I love being with other moms while the kids play, sharing experiences and feeling normal. I've realized that another reason I love playdates is because I get to witness other people's kids act up. Cruel, I know, but it is so nice to see other moms that I respect deal with their children, children who I think are precious, while said children are throwing tantrums. It is so nice to know that my kids are normal!

A few weeks ago my friend Jessi and I took our kids to a play at the Wichita Children's Theater. Jessi's husband's cousin Heather met us there with her six children. SIX. CHILDREN. They all got out of their Suburban, lined up on the sidewalk from oldest to youngest, and introduced themselves by stepping forward one-at-a-time then saying their name and age. Very "Sound of Music" and very cute. All of the six were adorable and sweet and very well-behaved.

Yesterday Jessi and I went over to the Heather's for just a bit. It is a beautiful, huge house, where six kids and two parents live. Heather was slightly embarrassed at the mess, explaining that "they live in their house." But really, six kids and two parents live there. How could everything always be put in its perfect spot? If I had gone over to their house and everything was sparkling clean in a home with six home-schooled kids it would have been too overwhelming for me and I would not allow myself to ever return.

I can only handle normal people in my life.


Angie said...

Wow- luckily you have me.

Fox Family said...

i always feel bad when i enjoy a child throwing a huge fit at one of our playtimes, because inevitably it was mine last time! yep, we're normal and so are our kids!!

Prairie Mama said...

So did they really line up in order and say their names or was that just awesome added effect for the post? : )

erin said...

They actually lined up! Their mom called it "roll call." It was funny but really cute at the same time.