Monday, July 28, 2008

she comes by it naturally

You all may remember my obsession to find a double stroller. I found one on craigslist and I love it, I really do. Well, my love for strollers is something I passed on to my daughter, because Little Missy loves her play stroller. When friends come over to play I hide the stroller because it is the one thing Little Missy screams about if somebody else touches it. Hubby and I bought her a small pink one for Christmas, and through all it's lovin', it has been torn apart. So for her birthday we bought her a new one, one that is stronger and fancier. Little Missy loves it. She loves it so much that we have to park it in a special place at night while she sleeps, so much that she is content to push it in a circle from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen and back to the living room, so much that we had to take it on a walk around the neighborhood.


Fox Family said...

that is a super fancy stroller!!! i think it may be nicer than the one i had for the boys! ha!
can't wait to see you all!
love, amanda

Heidi Joe said...

Awwww... I've been catching up on your last couple entries. Your kiddos are so stinking cute. Whoa. And hello, hot mama. Check you out!

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. We need to catch up sooooon!