Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday blues

Lately I have been setting my alarm so that I can get up early. On the mornings that I actually get up when my alarm goes off (instead of hitting snooze) and I'm able to get everything done that I have planned--before the kids wake up--I am in a good mood the rest of the day. Well this past weekend was a busy weekend: Antiques Roadshow, parents in town, two weddings, dinner at the farm. Not one of those mornings did I get up early. So I was in a funk. And Hubby has been gone too much, what with working 7 days a week and all, which makes everything less fun. I miss my husband and that throws everything else off. When he finally gets home at the end of the day I have to share him with other people--family, friends, extended friends, and my children. People that I love and truly enjoy being around, but I am sharing him nonetheless.

Monday morning we had friends over to play and after they left G really wanted to go outside. It was the perfect opportunity to sit on the porch and let the kids play in the gorgeous weather and throw myself a little pity-party. So I was sitting on the porch, reading a book my mom left for me, when G asks me for a cup. He uses the cup I subsequently gave him to water my plants. Very cute and it made me smile a little. He was doing a good job of turning off the water in between trips, but then I noticed the water was not getting turned off. And then I noticed some intoxicating giggles coming from around the water spout. So I peeked around the corner and found G and Little Missy playing in the water. This is a picture after G loaded his cup with lots of mud, water and bark shavings, then dumped all of it on Little Missy's shoes:

Little Missy surveying the puddle that is forming at the neighbor's fence:

G playing in said puddle (which grossed me out, so we came inside and they had a bath):

And then they were pooped:

So my day started out sad and I let myself get carried away with it, but then my sweet little ones made me remember that my life is pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Good job, Boo-boo.

Angie said...

I love this! They can always find a way to put things in perspective.