Thursday, July 17, 2008

funny things overheard at the farm

Our friends Joel and Jessica recently moved to 40 acres outside of town, so they invited a bunch of us over this past Sunday night for dinner and a chance to hang out. In the car on the way over we were singing songs when Little Missy says 'Sing Du Hast, Daddy!' Yes, the Du Hast from Rammstein, the song that is a little scary. That is the song my precious, innocent little girl wanted her Daddy to sing. And her Daddy was so proud.

After dinner we were outside, exploring huge brush piles and a well-house with a 6-foot snake when Joel says 'Hey, Brodrek, bring that axe over here.' Joel says that to his 2 1/2 year old son, who is actually dragging a real axe behind him. Dangerous, much?


Anonymous said...

What is Du Hast?


Angie said...

This could NEVER be said to Tommy without disaster!