Monday, July 7, 2008

busy busy

Lately we have been busy. Sometimes I love being busy (see previous posts) and sometimes it stresses me out. Well, for the past few weeks it has been stressing me out and poor Hubby had to listen to me rant about it last week. Why was it his problem, you ask? It wasn't, but he heard about it. And now he is watching me as I type this, and that is a little strange. Anyway, I have been preparing invitations for a baby shower that I'm helping to throw and making invitations for Little Missy's 2nd birthday party. And I'm working on a project that I am super excited and very overwhelmed with, but I will fill you all in later. So that is my long and weak apology for not blogging more in these last few weeks.

Side note: Hubby and I are watching "The Bachelorette." Or, I mean, just me. Hubby is not watching it. But we are wondering: why did DeAnna choose the snowboarder? Or, I mean, I am wondering. Hubby liked the snowboarder, naturally, seeing as how Hubby quit his job and took off for Colorado just so he could snowboard everyday. My thought is that DeAnna is boring, Jason is boring, so don't they belong together? Two sweet, boring people should be together. I just can't see how Jesse won't get bored with her.

Something else that's cool: Hubby and I got invited to an exclusive (well, maybe not all that exclusive, but cool nonetheless) pre-party for the Antiques Roadshow! This Thursday we will be rubbing elbows with the stars of A.R. Soooo exciting. I'll borrow somebody's camera and take pictures for all of you to see!

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