Saturday, July 19, 2008

there must be a full-moon

"After I eat my Pop Tart can I go back to cleaning the living room?" My son said this to me, no more than 30 minutes ago. I kid you not.

Our living room is where the toys reside. Some toys are upstairs in G's room, but for the most part they live in the living room. And the living room floor gets covered with them. So everyday, before we leave and before bedtime, I pick up the toys. This morning we were late for a playdate so the toys were left on the living room floor. After we got home I was unloading groceries from the car when G runs into the kitchen with me, frustrated and a little out of breath.

"Mommy," he begins, "the floor is messy so I can't play."

What did he say, you ask? I couldn't wrap my mind around it, either. My logical reply: "Well why don't you just clean up the toys and then play?"

"No!" Illogical response, but I could see where he was coming from. I don't like to clean up the toys.

"Well," I said as I continued unloading groceries, "you can either clean up the toys and then play or just sit on the couch and look at the mess."

"Oh, okay. I changed my mind. I'll go clean up the toys." He then ran into the living room.

So when I told him his Pop Tart was ready he ran into the kitchen and asked me the question that started this post. I will say, though, that he has since finished his unhealthy snack and is not cleaning the living room. But it was a nice thought.

Side note: this was Little Missy's first Pop Tart. G and Little Missy were in the cart at Target, where all the sugary-nonsense is on their eye-level. G asked for the Pop Tart, I didn't feel like a fight, so we bought a box. Little Missy should love Pop Tarts--sweet and sugary and lots of pretty sprinkles. I half decided that if she liked these I would just start putting sprinkles on all her food so that she would eat something other than oatmeal, yogurt and fruit. But she didn't like the sprinkles! I give up.

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Angie said...

Can he teach Tommy how to care when the toys are on the floor- T doesn't even see them.