Saturday, August 23, 2008

we be crafty

In an effort to bring more structure to our lives I have instituted Thursday Craft Days. Whimsy Girl is giving me most of my ideas, and Jessica Jones may help me out as well.

Thursday we made "color cakes." First we had to get some sustenance and energy for the craft-time ahead so we walked downtown to the Red Brick Deli for some delish ice cream.

Then we came home and peeled crayons.

Then we snapped them into little pieces.

Then placed them in muffin tins. (Apparently, non-stick tins work the best, but I sprayed a little bit of cooking spray in mine.) After this I placed them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. But watch them closely.
Then the kids made a mess.
Again, don't leave your children alone with shredded crayon paper. You will think their squeals and laughter are cute when you're in the other room, but you will come back to find this:
Here are the color cakes straight out of the oven. Whimsy Girl suggested putting them in the freezer to let them harden so they'd pop right out.
Well, only three popped right out. The others barely made it . They survived but are a little rough around the edges.
Some just couldn't handle the snapping and the cooking and the freezing. But they gave it their all, they really did.
Then Little Missy stacked hers.
Before giving in and coloring.
G jumped right in with his new art tools.
Next time I do this (and I will, I have a whole batch of crayons already peeled) I will line the muffin tin with paper and spray a little cooking spray in them. Then I'll add a lot of crayons. Whimsy Girl filled her tins almost to the top and we barely lined the bottom of ours. I'm thinking more crayons may be the trick. Also, if you guys have any fun/easy/cheap craft ideas please send them my way!

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Prairie Mama said...

That is a cool project! I admire your desire to have some structured time. That is my downfall!

Have you ever checked out It has great ideas. I used this sight for years in our local after-school program that I used to facilitate.