Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday we had a preschool playdate for G. It was a time for the kids to play in their new room for an hour, meet their teachers, all while the parents were there, too, to make the transition easier.

G was very nervous at first. He wouldn't shake the director's hand, and when we made it to the classroom to get his "magic picture" taken he didn't want to let go of my hand. But then we found some books and he was at home. The above picture is when they all had to stand on dots and listen to the teacher. He did a very good job listening to the teacher! Then we headed to the playroom and played with cars where a little boy kept trying to take G's cars. G brought this up in the car on the way home so we discussed ways to deal with problems similar to that that will no doubt arise in the future. Ah, interpersonal relations!

As we were leaving the preschool, walking to the car, G says "Mommy, I'm glad you came with me this morning because I was a little shy at first." Too cute.

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Fox Family said...

Little G is too sweet!! What a big boy in school!!!