Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Date Night

Last night was a beautiful night in the town of Augusta, so Hubby and I decided we should all eat downtown and then go to the local movie theater. "Space Chimps" was playing!

At Miller's Five you drive up, park, get out, go to the window to order, stand around til your order is ready, then you can eat at a few picnic tables they have next to the street or take your food home. We decided to eat at the picnic table by the street. G has decided that he doesn't like to take pictures and therefore refuses to smile. He's cute anyway.

We had time to spare before the movie, so we sat in front of the antique mall and, in honor of the Olympics, Little Missy showed off her gymnastic skills. G and Hubby are very impressed.

G decided to hide from me, and when I caught him he accidentally smiled for the camera.
We make it to the theater! G is showing off his "I'm funny" face.

Enjoying the yummy popcorn.

After the movie we were pooped.

Very pooped.

We had a great time! Let me tell you how much I love our little theater: It is run by volunteers and not-for-profit, so it's all cheap at $5 a person (Little Missy was free). We bought a large root beer and small popcorn for $5 total. And the popcorn was delicious--air popped with real butter, not that strange orange fake butter. The seats aren't spectacular but they're clean. The whole place is really clean, not old and musty. They let us bring in our double stroller and park it right next to us. Then everyone stood up for the National Anthem. It's a great place.

"Space Chimps" was okay. There were some funny parts but the animation was absolutely terrible. The chimps end up in an alien world that is so devoid of texture that it looks like the animators drew it in at the very last minute. I am not exaggerating when I say that the cartoons on PBS have more thought in them. But the kids liked it (until Little Missy fell asleep, that is) and the most important part is that we all had a fun time.

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