Monday, August 11, 2008

lovin' this weather

Yesterday was another beautiful day in Kansas land! Hubby took the day off work. It was a perfect day to enjoy the respite from the oppressive heat. Heat and I don't get along; my poor children have been stuck indoors ever since it got over 90 degrees, because I cannot handle the heat and the humidity. Ick.

So with Hubby home we toured Augusta: first we went to the park and had a picnic, then played at the park, then went to the library and read books and played a puzzle, then off to Sonic for half-priced drinks, then home and off on a walk, and then the kids played in the rocks and I blogged on the porch. So fun! It was great to have Hubby home and all of us outside in the great temperatures. I'm sure by next week we'll be back inside, in the air conditioning, hiding from the Kansas heat once again. But for now, some pictures!

Notice how we didn't even pretend to put real food in front of Little Missy. Have I talked with you all about how poor an eater she is? She ate a banana before we left the house and oatmeal when we got home. But hotdogs, that delicious, nitrate-filled staple of childhood, she won't touch.

Hubby, handing out the food.

Little Missy, headed for the "house."

G and Little Missy in the "house," otherwise known as the announcer's box for Little League games.

G on the slide.

Look! Sometimes he does smile on command! Please ignore the ketchup stain on his cheek.
G and Little Missy watching their Daddy hunt for crawdads.

Back to the car.

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Fox Family said...

Oh that looks like a great time!! Good for you getting to get Shannon to take a day off!!! It sounds like he could use those every now and then! I guess it will be a cheap visit to the grocery store for Little Missy!