Sunday, August 24, 2008

summer wedding

Last night my friend Megan got married. I have pictures of Megan, Joanna, Katie and I together at the Small Wheels Rodeo when we were 3 or 4. We went to church together through elementary school, middle school, high school, then we went to K-State. . .Megan and I have known eachother for quite a while. We don't always keep in touch, but every time we see eachother it is so fun. She's a great girl and I'm so happy I was able to see her on her very important night.

My mom and I were talking about how Megan has always had great taste (I copied her outfits when we were in high school, but now she lives in Kansas City so that makes it a little more difficult). Her wedding did not disappoint. Here is she is, walking down the aisle to a song from the "Princess Bride." Great choice in music, too!
Megan and her hubby Robert smiling and being cute:

Hubby acting irritated that I'm taking another picture:

G acquiescing to the fact that I like to take lots of pictures:

Little Missy waiting for the wedding to begin and fully enjoying the fact that I like to take lots of pictures:
We didn't get to stay for the reception. G hadn't taken a nap, and while usually that's okay, last night he was pretty cranky. One thing Hubby and I have learned is that cranky kid + wedding reception=lot's of frustration for everyone. So we left and I was a little sad. Then we found this at our car: We drive the gold Intrepid. We were there first, no car parked behind us, and apparently this driver doesn't know how to park his big ol' SUV. Our bumper was actually dented. So I called the non-emergency line for the police to find out what to do; we didn't want to pull somebody out of the wedding reception, but we didn't want to not be able to file an insurance claim. As I was on the phone Hubby noticed that the dent was slowly popping out, so we just decided to let it go. But I do have lots of pictures of their car, our car, their license plate, so if we decide to file a claim we should have all the info.

To celebrate not having a dented car and to alleviate my sadness at not getting a free glass of wine at Megan's reception we got cheap ice cream at McDonald's:


The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

I don't know if Ice Cream makes up for free wine! LOL But I'm glad your bumper popped back out! Darn blind SUV parkers.

I'm totally going to have to try the muffin crayons! Fun!

Mindy Fresh said...

It is official - you have the cutest kids ever!!!

TheHappyNeills said...

i can't believe they left their suv there! unless they really didn't know it had happened. thanks for keeping up with our adoption journey! it means a lot!