Thursday, May 15, 2008

so I'm supposed to take care of this, too, huh?

G, Little Missy and I have been enjoying our week so much playing with friends and being outside that I haven't done laundry in a very long time. The beds got made on Tuesday, dishes are barely getting done every day, but the laundry has been sitting untouched. Usually I do one to two loads of laundry each day, but as I said, we've been having lots of fun going to MOPS, going to the zoo and the Castle Park and having Auntie Leelee and Uncle Todd over for dinner that I have not done laundry IN A WEEK. Yes, for an entire week the laundry has laughed at me from the basement, taunting me each time I walked by the stairs to the basement wherein the laundry lies.

So this afternoon, after a trip to the Castle Park with our precious friends, I decided it was time to tackle the problem. Little Missy went down armed with her make-up, G went down armed with his Duncan train, and I spent 15 minutes sorting the mountain of laundry into the different piles. Hubby's laundry is of course getting taken care of first, because he needs clean jeans and socks and t-shirts for work. Just in case we get called away for another playdate, at least Hubby will look presentable for the airplanes he's building.

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Angie said...

I absolutely adore you!