Tuesday, May 13, 2008

love languages

Little Missy's love language (http://www.fivelovelanguages.com/learn.html) is obvious: physical touch. When her brother is crying she hurries over to give him a hug. Sometimes when I'm sitting on the floor she'll run up behind me and hug my neck. When her daddy comes home she screams and runs to him to give him a big hug. And when she's quiet she'll give me long hugs with her cheek pressed against mine and her hands playing with my hair.

G's love language is different and more difficult for Hubby and I to figure out. G shows his love by giving gifts. When Hubby comes home G does not run to the door and give a hug, but instead brings his daddy a toy that G has specially picked out. Yesterday I was in the shower when G came in: 'Which one do you want, Mommy?' He had three tractors and was doling them out to me and to his sister. For a few weeks I was babysitting my friend's son, and when Brandon would cry G would give him a toy to make him feel better. When we started taking walks this spring G would pick up sticks 'This one is for you. This one is for Little Missy. This one is for Daddy and this one is for me.'

But it's interesting because although my children are still young - 3 1/2 and just under 2 - they already know how to read other's love languages. G will sometimes give me a big hug 'Because you loooove hugs, don't you, Mommy.' And Little Missy knows that her daddy and I both love getting hugs from her, so when she's feeling ornery she'll smile and turn away when we ask her for one.

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Fox Family said...

isn't it awesome how different the two of them are?! it's so much fun trying to "figure" them out! gabe being almost 7, i am sure i have him figured out and then i turn around and he stumps me!! always an adventure!
love and miss you guys-