Friday, May 16, 2008

good friends and happy times

So on yesterday's post when I said I had to get some laundry done just in case another playdate suddenly came up I was really just joking. But then another playdate did come up! And it hit me how great God is. When we first moved back to Wichita I was so lonely because Hubby was working lots and lots of hours and my friends had left me by moving to Kansas City and marrying local-to-Kansas-City boys (or semi-local), which means my girls aren't coming back (darn that Dave and Dave! Even if I do think they're swell guys). So I asked that God lead Hubby and I to a church where we'd meet wonderful believers and that He would place friends in our path. And He did it. I know God doesn't always answer prayers exactly the way we're looking for Him to answer them, but in this case He provided just what I needed. More than I was expecting. And now, thru our church and Jason's Deli and MOPS I have these beautiful women in my life with children I am thrilled for my children to be around. God gives me my daily needs, and I am filled with joy because of my amazing husband, my children, my family, and my friends are the icing on top.

God is so good.

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Angie said...

I don't know if I am included but I am super-grateful for you and yours. God is certainly great.