Sunday, May 18, 2008

a near celebrity sighting

This is from

The next night, [Kate] Hudson, 29, and [Lance] Armstrong, 36, ate at the casual Hula Hut with the athlete's three children and a group of friends. "They came in with the kids and a large group of people," says another restaurant source. "They ordered dinner – tacos, burgers and fries and that sort of stuff."

I've been to the Hula Hut! My parents took us there when my sister and I and my kids went down to Austin in April. Apparently, we'll have to go there my often when we find ourselves in the heart of Texas.


Angie said...

Gasp! It's almost like you are famous too! You may have even sat on the same chairs. Wow.

Fox Family said...

wow -- that is like my eating trophy's cupcakes, after they appeared on martha!! we are one almost famous family! ha!ha!