Monday, November 24, 2008

just to annoy my neighbors, (and Monica)...

... I hung my Christmas wreath on the front door and put my Christmas trees in the black planters in front of my steps. A full five days before Thanksgiving. Last week when I told Monica that I wanted to put up my Christmas tree before Hubby came home she rolled her eyes. "Um, NO. Too early."

But my Christmas decorations are up! All of them that I could carry up myself from the basement. My new stockings hang in front of the fireplace, our sparkly branches rest on the mantle, and shatter-proof ornaments are kept around my home. And the Christmas music has already been played.

Yay for Christmas!


Fox Family said...

you are not of my girlfriends decorated her house this weekend and bought a real tree today..and decorated it! i have Christmas music downloaded to my playlist..and they will be playing thanksgiving day!
i agree...yay Christmas!

SassyEngineer said...

I agree - yay for Christmas! Where did you end up getting stockings? Also - did you know Gina is going home from the hospital yesterday?

Angie said...

More power to ya- I wanted to get them up early but it's kind of a lot of work-can't wait to see