Wednesday, November 5, 2008

while the cat's away

My mom suggested that while Hubby is gone I should make the dinners that he doesn't like to eat. Problem is that I'm not much of a cook so Hubby is always kind when I actually do cook and he doesn't complain too much. Although one time he did say "If my father ever knew how much chicken I eat ... " Because we do eat chicken for most of our dinners, and Hubby grew up on red meat. While he's gone we'll still be eating chicken most every night. Although tonight I cooked pork chops that I was planning to cook while he was here, but then he left suddenly, and now I have an amazing and delicious meal in my fridge. So much of it that I'll have to eat it for all my meals tomorrow.

I decided that I would watch "Law&Order" after the kids went to bed. Hubby HATES L&O, smirks when I watch it, totally ruins the experience for me. So tonight I was going to watch it. But of course the kids were riled up after their nap (they never nap anymore) and church and they didn't go to sleep until 9:55. Boo.

Tomorrow night I'm watching "Lars and the Real Girl." That's not really a movie Hubby is against watching, but it was the only movie I really wanted as #1 on my queue from Netflix. I'm really trying to not watch the rest of season 2 of "Battlestar Galactica." And I'm also trying not to read ahead on Television Without Pity as to the rest of BG. Because it is an awesome show and we've been watching it almost every night and now Hubby is gone and I can't watch it for two weeks.

That's all for now! But I will post the recipe for the pork chops and then you can all comment about how much you love me.

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