Sunday, October 19, 2008


McG (like G's new name? Feel free to comment or add suggestions) is a wonderful eater. He eats everything we put in front of him and if he sees something unknown on our plate it's "What's that? Can I try it?"

Little Missy is a terrible eater. Her diet consists of oatmeal, fruit, cheerios, raisins, chicken nuggets, yogurt and milk. Of course, she also loves chips and sugar, so we try to limit having those items in the house. Hubby and I go through periods where we will force her to try something new -- replete with numerous trips during dinner to her step / time-out, lots of screaming and tears on her part, near yelling on our part -- then during other periods we'll fix her anything she wants just so the rest of us can eat in peace and harmony.

The other night we were at McDonald's when she had to eat her apple slices. She loves apples. So Hubby suggested she dip her apple slices in the caramel as a treat. "No," as she shook her head.

"But it tastes like candy," Hubby reasoned with her.

She vigorously shook her head. The girl didn't buy it, because of, you know, all the times we've told her something tastes like candy only to give her bleach to drink.

"Really, Little Missy, it's YUMMY. Try it!" McG tried to help out from across the table.

We left McDonald's without her ever having tried the yumminess, but McG dipped his finger in the caramel and licked as much of it as he could after his apples were gone.

Later that night, during bath time, I walked into the bathroom to find her drinking the bathwater. Because, as you know, drinking the tepid water of your own filth is much yummier than caramel.


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bath water is sooo refreshing just ask grady! if little missy weren't so smart you could trick her into it by saying "oh no you wouldn't want this disgusting mommy food"...but that would only work on a child not so wise!