Friday, October 17, 2008

Fredonia Part One, or Homecoming 2008

Two weekends ago we went to Fredonia's Homecoming. Homecoming in Fredonia is very little about the high school students but most everything about the town. There's a parade, carnival, craft fair--and that is all on Saturday. During the week there is stuff like the Homecoming Queen competition (to which I would definitely go if I lived there and not Augusta) and things that have to do with iron tools. I'm not sure of the specifics but it sounds super fun.

Here we are waiting for the parade to begin:

Now it's G's turn to hang out on Daddy's shoulders.
Little Missy and G on the carousel:
G and Little Missy on the helicopter:

But here is the best part of the day, and the best thing that has happened to G in the past two years: a train ride. All G talks about is trains. He tells his friends over and over that he is going to be a train driver when he grows up; he has explained to his daddy and me that he will drive his train through Augusta and pick us up and we can sleep in the coach car when we get get the point. The last time he rode a train was when Thomas came to OKC two years ago and we went with Nana and Grandpa and Leelee. G can still tell us the specifics of that day: Uncle Todd was not there, Daddy and Little Missy and Grandpa only rode the first time while G, Nana, Auntie Leelee and I all rode a second time. The boy was not quite two and he remembers all this. So getting to ride a train again was huge.

As we waited in line to board:
Little Missy sure loves her hat and purse:
He punches tickets just like they do on "The Polar Express":
Soaking it all in:


Fox Family said...

Oh, that looked like so much fun!!! We miss all the fun Fredonia stuff! Miss you all!

CJ said...

Erin, Looks like you all had a blast. My boys would love to go on a train ride. Sooo fun!!!