Monday, October 13, 2008


Hubby thinks it is hi-larious to let Little Missy pick out her own clothes. But he doesn't just let her pick out her entire outfit, he kind of pushes it along to craziness by picking out the first article of clothing and letting her go from there.

Last week she ended up wearing this:

...with her purple flowered & ruffled jeans, bracelets, her tulip ring and the ugliest Princess shoes ever. The Princess shoes are partly my fault because she picked them out after the four of us had been at Target for way too long, trying to find shoes that I liked and were actually in her size, with G and Little Missy laughing and running in circles and touching every shoe they could and some that were out of their reach when I capitulated: "Yes, she can have the ugly Princess shoes and I will buy her some better ones another time." Well, I'm not going to buy her any more shoes, no matter how ugly they are, until she outgrows them, so I try to limit her wearing them to appropriate times when they won't stand out. Although I'm not sure which of her shoes would have looked better with this ensemble, but the Princess shoes make me cringe.

When I found out what she had worn outside of the house Hubby smiled "But the people in the store (library? I can't remember the particulars because my horror was clouding my hearing) thought she was so cute."

HONEY. They have to say something when their eyes are grabbed by the little neon mess walking around.


Fox Family said...

Let Little Missy know the Washington Foxes give her a thumbs up on the ensemble!! We love that hat!!!
Love ya,

Heidi Joe said...

Hee hee... she is super cute. Neon and all... and the hat totally makes it. Adds a nice "Blossom" touch, don't you think?

She's adorable!

Angie said...

still laughing, seriously it seems like every little thing is really hard for boys.