Tuesday, September 9, 2008

poor little man

Today we were at a playdate. The moms were upstairs dreaming up ways to redo a room and the kids were downstairs playing. G comes into the mommy room and tells me that one of his friends used the word "stupid" in reference to something he was doing. The mother of said child immediately went and took care of the situation, but little G was so sad. I think this was the first time he had his feelings hurt by one of his friends and I think it surprised him. The poor little guy got close enough for me to hug him and stroke his hair. He even got tears in his eyes. That is hard for a mom to see.

He's always been so strong, so indifferent to how other people acted toward him. I know it was because of his age but I really wanted it to be because he was so confident with a devil-may-care attitude. He's in preschool now and I won't be able to comfort him every time. But I will be here every time he's finished a day at preschool and I can comfort him then.


The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

Aww, poor G. I hate how much it hurts when they are hurt. I have the same thoughts about Bub going to preschool (although with his attitude maybe I should be more worried for the other kids)! LOL

Jessi said...
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Jessi said...

Give G a big hug from us. We think he is always cool! ;)

The realization that we won't always be able to make it better with a kiss is too much to handle right now!

Angie said...

Poor G- it's really hard sometimes letting the world get to them. I just want to keep them safe and happy always.