Thursday, September 11, 2008

my buddy and me

Hubby and I deliberately had our children close in age because we wanted them to be good friends and playmates. Now that they are both mobile and out of the parallel-play stage I am realizing just how much they do play together. They also fight--there are 5 or 6 times a day when they outright scream at eachother--but the rest of the day they follow eachother from room to room, play trains together, color together, sit on the couch and watch cartoons together. The cutest part of the day is when one of them wakes up first in the morning and asks where the other one is. I also love listening to the conversations between the two of them when they don't know Hubby and I can hear.

Preschool has been quite an adjustment for Little Missy. She is so sad to not be able to go into preschool with her beloved G and she cries everytime we leave. Yesterday when we were standing in line to pick him up she asked me "Can I hold him?" which is her goofy way of asking if she can give him a hug. So first thing, she gave him a hug. And he patiently obliged.

One of my prayers for them is that Hubby and I know how to foster their relationship and encourage it. Soon enough they will be in school with their own friends, but my hope is that they remain best friends with eachother while building new and important friendships. Because right now they are so dang cute.


Fox Family said...

You know, something we told our little fellas was that no matter what friends as important and precious as they are, can come and go--but you will always have your first best friend--your brother!
I know I love my little sis and although in the past I would have traded her for a puppy--I couldn't live without her now!
Love, Amanda

Angie said...

My brother and I are close in age and we are still close friends. I couldn't have made it through childhood and adolesense without him.

"The Mom" said...

Hey Erin,
I got your blog site off of Christa's blog site. OH, the world of blogs!! So fun to "get to know you" in your blog. Hope you had a great first night of kids club.

Randa Willson
My blog is :)

Lindsey said...

It's so fun to find your blog! Patrick pointed me your way, though I can't remember how he found you or you found him! I have a blog too.