Monday, September 29, 2008


Hubby is down to three-day workweeks (we shake our hands in anger at the Boeing machinists for messing up Spirit's schedule and pay) and so we have been taking advantage of all this time off: first we went to Fredonia to see his parents, then to Austin to see my parents, and this past weekend Hubby took little G camping.

Hubby's family has land from his grandparents that is pretty much open prairieland. Beautiful prairieland with hills and ponds and amazing sunsets. A gorgeous place to camp and play drums and commune with nature and eat raw fish with your hands. Or whatever it is boys do when they camp.

Here is G setting up the tent:

Set-up complete:

Saying hi to the cows:

He caught a fish! And this time he's not scared of it!

Not like he was a year ago when he wouldn't touch the fish but we couldn't keep his sister from it.

Then they cooked some dinner:

A happy end to the day:

While the boys were away doing their guy-things, Little Missy and I baked a cake and watched a Barbie princess movie. I felt slightly guilty at the events I planned for the two of us. Even though Hubby and I chuckled at his sister-in-law (Hi Ang! We love you! Don't be mad at us for what you next read!) for contemplating not giving her daughter a vacuum cleaner she'd received from her uncle for her first birthday because of the gender stereotypes, I really don't want my daughter to feel pigeon-holed into only enjoying overtly-girly things. But Little Missy genuinely loves dresses and baby-dolls and princesses. So I'll let her Daddy make her a tomboy and I'll balance her out with tiaras. And I would have polished her nails but we'd already done that the day before.


Tymon said...

This is the next step for my boys- they are still perfecting camping in the backyard. Looks like a great time!

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...

This all sounds great! At least you are enjoying fun family time as a result of the whole work thing. And about the whole pigeon hole worry, it balances out in the long run. I know that you expose her to lots of different activities. If she's a girly girl, that is just the way God made her! Just enjoy it! (And make sure she sees hubs vacuuming once and a while! Hee!)