Tuesday, April 1, 2008

little pieces of happy

Today we played at our friend Tommy's house (or rather, Tommy is G's friend and his mom, Angie, is my friend), and Tommy had butterfly nets that G loved to play with. So after leaving Tommy's we promptly went to Target to buy $1 butterfly nets for ourselves. When I picked Little Missy up out of the car she hugged me: a big, spontaneous hug, complete with her cheeks pressed against mine. After our hug was finished I was walked to G's seat when she gave me another hug. Another big one. So I get G out of the car and he says "I want to give you a hug because I know you love hugs." So I knelt down and he gave me a hug. Then Little Missy gave me a hug. Then all three of us hugged. Then Little Missy wrapped her arms around G's waist and they gave eachother a big hug. Then G got itchy: "I'm done. Let's go inside Target now." And the three of us walked into Target, hand in hand in hand.

Once inside, we found the nets and G helped me pick out Little Missy's. When they both had one they swirled and danced and giggled with their new toys. In the car on the way home they laughed - big belly laughs - because they had their nets over their heads, and this was the best way to use the nets in the confined space.

Now we're home. Little Missy is sitting on Daddy's lap with G beside them, all three watching "Monsters, Inc." and eating popcorn. Days like this make me so happy to have my precious little family.


Fox Family said...

what little sweeties!! don't you just love those big hugs for nothing!! soak them up while they hand them out!!!
love, amanda (give g and lil'missy hugs and kisses)

Angie said...

I can't get enough of these our ones lately, aren't they wonderful!