Friday, March 7, 2008

the trials of sleeping

Hubby and I have a problem putting the kids to sleep. The problem is this: we have not trained them to go to sleep by themselves, so every night one of us lies down with them until they're both asleep and then we tiptoe out of the room. We had G trained for a while but then we moved and let him sleep in our bed because Little Missy was sleeping in our bed. At least now they are sleeping in Little Missy's bed and not with Hubby and I. We know we need to break the pattern, but we just haven't committed to doing it yet.

However, if I never slept with my kids I wouldn't know that G talks in his sleep or that Little Missy belly laughs in her sleep. Most afternoons, during their naps when I am lying between them, with their breath on my cheeks and feeling the rise and fall of their little bellies on my arm, I know I need to savor this, to drink it in and never forget that for a little while their whole world revolved around me and their Daddy.

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