Saturday, March 8, 2008

my obsession

Let me just say, I love HGTV. When we moved into our new house I decided that we shouldn't have cable so that I couldn't watch HGTV anymore. There were other channels on cable that I loved to watch, of course, such as TLC, the Discovery Channel, any channel that showed old Law & Order episodes, but really I watched HGTV most of the time.

Well, Hubby's gift to himself around Christmas was a pretty new flat-screen TV. And the resolve to have a cable-free home quickly flew out the window because you can't see NOTHIN' on TV if you live in Augusta, KS and you don't have cable. We even went to Best Buy and spent $70 (choke) on the biggest, fanciest, most high-powered antenna they had, and I can tell you that antenna did not help one iota once we put it, in all it's ugly glory, on our very pretty mantle. So I called Cox Communications, asked them pretty please, and they came to our house the next day with the most basic of cable, the kind where you can see channels 1-13. Dear friends, do you know why this story has a happy ending? It is because HGTV comes in for free on the high-def channels! Oh happy day. Hubby? Not too thrilled. The poor guy is a little tired of House Hunters.

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Angie said...

I love house hunters too! Love your blog.