Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

A few weeks ago, as the kids and I were headed to our weekly Tuesday-afternoon playdate, Hubby told me he planned on putting up our basketball goal. Hubby got the basketball goal as a gift a few years ago, and we brought it from our house in Tulsa, to our apartment in Wichita, and now with the pretty weather he decided it was time to hang it up on our garage in Augusta. But when we got home a few hours later the goal was not hanging in its designated place. I found Hubby in the kitchen.

'Hey! Why didn't you hang up your goal?' I asked.

'B.G. was outside,' he said with his eyes open big and eyebrows raised. B.G. is our, um, interesting neighbor.

'Oh,' I grimaced. 'Was she in a talkative mood tonight?' Our neighbor, when in a good mood, has a tendency to talk too much. Way too much.

'NO, she was in the back of her house. IN A BIKINI.' He shook his head. Hubby and I agree that B.G. should not be in a bikini. Most anyone would agree that B.G. should not be in a bikini. 'I just. . .I couldn't. Not back there, with her out there, when our fence only reaches up to here.' He gestured to his mid-thigh.

'Yikes. Yeah. I totally understand.' And I did understand. I would not have been able to stay out there, either, under those circumstances.

So now, a few weeks later, the basketball goal still lays in the garage and does not hang in its place of honor. Maybe, when the sun is not shining and there is no risk of a certain neighbor being outside at the same time, Hubby will finally be able to complete his mission.


Angie said...

Having seen your neighbor, perhaps his next project should be a higher fence? You can come play at our house anytime- our neighbors are all proper members of the golf club who don't believe in bikinis. See you tomorrow.:)

Fox Family said...

i just can't stop laughing. poor shannon, did he have to clean his eyes?! i have not had the pleasure of viewing your neighbor, but i have a vivid imagination!!!
can't wait to see ya next week!