Wednesday, February 27, 2008

when my sister saved the day

In an effort to save money and watch less TV, Hubby and I decided to cut out the cable TV once we moved into our new house. Well, after his purchase of a fancy new flat screen TV, we HAD to get the basic cable that allows us to see channels 1-13, but we kept our resolve to no longer have the extended cable.

It was hard to let go. I still miss the reruns of "Gilmore Girls," but it was something I could live without. I have kids to play with! And a house to maintain! But then my sister hit me hard: "Erin, how are you going to watch Project Runway?"

I stared at her blankly. Being November when we moved to our house, I hadn't even thought of Project Runway. Tim Gunn was not on my radar. My "I Make it Work" t-shirt was hanging in the back of my closet with my other short-sleeved clothes. So H bringing this up now, well, I didn't have an answer.

"You can watch it at my house," she answered quickly, "I'll DVR it for you."

H saved the day and the season. Although I haven't been watching PR weekly, I'm almost caught up on the shows, and tomorrow I'll watch tonight's finale. Bring on the sewing!

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Heidi Joe said...

You are so much fun. I love catching up with you guys... let's make this big ol' Bartlesville reunion of ours happen soon, okay?

Oh yeah, and I totally went to high school with Ricky from Project Runway... the cryer. HAHAHA!