Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is coming

Tuesday night my friend commented on a message board that Christmas Eve was three weeks from Wednesday. I kind of panicked because I do not have one Christmas project fully completed. A lot of gifts are planned in my brain but they are not in my hands or in my home. So I went to bed making a list and panicking.

Wednesday morning while G was at preschool I planned on Little Missy watching "Sleeping Beauty" while I finished the Christmas cards. The same Christmas cards I started a week and a half before Thanksgiving, the Christmas cards I told my friend Jessi I had begun early as a smidgen of smug crossed my face, the Christmas cards that have not been touched for weeks. So I put in "Sleeping Beauty," played with Little Missy and then let her sit on my lap while we both watched the movie.

After preschool I tried again. I drove the kids to McDonald's, bought us lunch so I could save time in not making food and directly starting on the cards. And I put them in front of the TV. SO HELP ME, you will SIT and watch a movie and not bother me while I am making the cards to send to our friends and family to tell them how much we love them and how happy and perfect we are. But of course they didn't leave me alone. They sat in the dining room and talked to me and played on the floor while I finished the cards. But I finished them. And I can cross off one item from my list.


Heather said...

Isn't it great to cross things off your list? I still have to do our Xmas cards, too. The one week less between Thanksgiving and Chirstmas this year is killing me!

Angie said...

so jealous- I can't get the stupid labels to print

Prairie Mama said...

So do you want to help me get mine out this week too? : )